Connecting to an ECC Cloud

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After finally familiarizing myself with the Eucalyptus documentation I decided to attempt to connect and establish a VM on the ECC cloud. In order to successfully use EuTester and become familiar with testing clouds I need to be able to actually connect to a working cloud.

This process was a bit daunting at first when I started receiving errors immediately from the start. After much research and a little figuring out of my own I was able to begin connecting to an instance. The problem I had initially was that the directory I had created did not contain the .zip file with my credentials from the ECC site. After putting this .zip file in the same directory and properly extracting them I was able to connect to an instance.


However, the next problem would come shortly after. After connecting to the instance I authorized the security groups and allocated the IPs according to the documentation on the Eucalyptus site. This is where the problems started as I attempted to SSH into a VM instance. I keep receiving connection timeout errors as follows:


I will keep researching this issue and speak to a few people from class tomorrow to see if anyone has experienced the same problem.

  1. Steve Flynn says:

    You should not need to allocate an IP for the ECC cloud, this option is for those who have a private cloud where the IPs are assigned dynamically. When you use euca-describe-instances there is an IP assigned to it. Check the Wiki to see how to use them.

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