Researching EuTester

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Over the past few weeks we have been discussing whether or not we should break into different groups to focus our individual efforts on smaller parts of the Eucalyptus project. I have joined the grouping working with EuTester, basically EuTester from what I have read is simply a way to test a Eucalyptus or Amazon cloud and it can be pretty much customizable. I have learned that it is written in python code and with a little knowledge of the code you can write specific test cases for it to simulate. After further research I arrived at the github Eutester site located here.

My specific portion of work for this project focuses on the EuTester bug tracker, so I was able to look through the github site and find the issue reports that currently exist. Now at this point in time it really doesn’t help me since I do not have a working EuTester build or access to a cloud to test it on, but that is what I will be working on in the upcoming weeks.

I have just now begun reading the Eutester Basics Part I blog post which explains getting setup in a little more detail, and have also begun using our classes wiki to update my findings and also to read what other classmates are encountering as they try setting up EuTester.


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