Work During Spring Break

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Prior to spring break I had been attempting to install EuTester and test its functionality with no success. I know I will not  get to spend much time this week working on it because I will be very busy with family in town, so I decided to update my blog now. After reading a few blog posts and looking at some documentation I have come to realize that EuTester has quite a few requirements that have to be met before use.

In order for EuTester to work you must first have boto and paramiko (can be installed through sudo apt-get). Having these utilities provides the necessary tools for quickly implementing an automated test strategy according to the Eutester Basics Part I blog.

Currently I have installed paramiko but have not configured boto to this point, I will update after I have finished with the install of both utilities and can start with the EuTester build.


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