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Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Following spring break we discussed the current status of our cluster which appears to be really close to complete. We are now nearing the latter half of the semester and it is time to switch into gear. While I have been attempting to install EuTester and connect to the ECC cloud I have also been checking the EuTester Issue Tracker on occassion to see if there are any new updates.

As of right now there are 5 listed issues and or requests:

  • Define Licensing:

    Need to figure out what license we’re offering Eutester under. I presume GPLv3 to be compatible with the Eucalyptus product itself, but we need to be explicit. Also need to make it clear that it’s copyright Eucalyptus.

  • Create a standard set of debug tools available when tests fail:

    When a eutester test fails, we need to provide a standard set of debugging tools back to the user. This debug info should include as much as is necessary to find the possible cause of the behavior. Currently, the Eutester class provides a very basic framework for this, but we’d like to expand it.

  • Create a standardized Eutester log/output format:

    We need to standardize the way we present info about a running test to a user – essentially, output formatting.

  • Testing capability for Jenkins + EC2 Plugin:

    Would like to look at test cases for Jenkins + EC2 plugin and whether this is possible to script. Jenkins has a CLI client but whether this works with EC2 Plugin is another thing:

  • Goals, purpose, and guidelines for contributionL

    Need to produce better documentation:

    1) Readme file should be bolsterd
    2) Add more sample scripts
    3) Ensure sane defaults (ie requests go to ECC by default)

Hopefully after some more research I will have a working EuTester build and can connect to a cloud in order to further research some of these issues. I am also going to be looking into the Python language with a little more detail, I am not very familiar with Python and learning it will better help me understand how to configure and run the scripts for each test case. There is an IRC meeting next week that discusses the basics of EuTester hosted by Vic Iglesias who is very involved in EuTester. I would love to attend to learn more because I am not very familiar with command line installs and configuration. Hopefully that classroom will give me a better understanding on how and what these arguments are doing rather than just typing text and hoping for the best. As of now I have gotten both boto and paramiko fully installed and have downloaded all of the most recent EuTester tools, I will update after I figure out how to perform the eucaops import in order to actually start the process. I have a feeling it has to do with where the files are located and the folder permissions, but I have not found a lot of documentation on setting these up correctly.


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