Last weeks of the semester…

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The end of the semester has approached rapidly and is finally here. Although we do not have a completely working cluster on campus we have spent a lot of time working with EuTester using the ECC cloud and getting familiar with how it works. I personally only got as far as running test scripts in EuTester, the learning curve was quite steep and I had never used so many command line prompts prior to this class. The documentation for setting up and installing EuTester is decent for a more experienced user, but for someone who had never done work like this i, it was a little difficult to configure with the documentation given. I think that it would be a great idea for us to contribute some additional documentation to what already exists for EuTester, especially documentation for a less experienced user.

We have also been given two assignments which I am currently working on for our last day of class/final. One is an ethical analysis of the Eucalyptus project and the other a final presentation for each groups experiences with the project. My groups focus was EuTester issues and bugs, however most of our group only just started to run test scripts by the end of the semester because we all experienced many issues configuring EuTester. So we were unable to dive into the issues/bugs that were listed on the github site. Our presentation will probably focus more on the installation and configuration of EuTester and the troubles we experienced setting it up and what we learned.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to do something like this with our class and wished we could have gotten closer to actually have a fully working cluster on campus. If only the class lasted over multiple semesters or had a lab attached to it we may have gotten further. The project itself is very time consuming and complicated so I am happy with how far we got on just 1 semester. Hopefully following classes can pick up where we left off and continue to work on the same project.


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